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Kiawah Island SC What to Know When Buying Real Estate

When looking to buy real estate on Kiawah Island there are a lot of things to know. Mainly as it pertains to Property Kiawah Island Resortdues, fees, HOA, regimes, and club dues. Resort ownership has it’s privileges of course, but as one can imagine owning in such an exclusive stunning and private gated resort-like Kiawah Island comes with a cost. So as an agent here in Charleston who sells on Kiawah I have gone through the effort to help prospective buyers looking to purchase property for sale on Kiawah Island know what to expect when considering buying. Let’s start with property HOA payments due at closing: depending on the property you want to buy be it; villa, condo or single-family is a required 1/2 of 1% of the purchase price fee upfront to the community HOA; with a minimum due not less than the amount of the current year’s annual assessment.. Then depending on the building (if condo), or “offshoot” community you own in will ALSO have quarterly or monthly regime dues (click button below). 



This fee is due at closing on new lot sales or homes not previously assessed. The fee is equal to the amount of the general assessment for an unimproved property.
Investment Property DetailsROI Info Monthly Regime DuesBy Development


There will ALSO be yearly HOA dues required at $2335.00 and this is to cover the landscaping, lighting, upkeep of the common areas and so on throughout the Kiawah Island resort. So what does this cost get you?  Paid annually by all members, general assessments cover the maintenance of common properties (e.g. association owned/leased roads, landscaping, lakes, leisure trails, signage and majority of boardwalks), security operations (e.g. gate access, patrols, and commercial access) and administrative operations (e.g. insurance on the common properties, legal and accounting services). Reserve funds are used to repair and replace vital infrastructure on the island.



This fee is collected at closing on each property transfer to cover the administration costs associated with ownership changes.


2019 Owner Dues Details



This assessment is paid by Type A (residential) members annually, and funds the operation and maintenance of The Sandcastle and pool. Only Type A members may use the facility. (Separate program user fees may apply.) Usage assessment cost = $156

TYPE A owners get to enjoy all the benefits of the Kiawah Island “Sandcastle“, a community center consisting of dining, large swimming pool, boat landing (Rhett’s Bluff), internet and reading lounge, banquet rooms, and Castle Grill.


All About Owning Condos & Villas


[TAX info] In South Carolina we have two different types of property taxes, the Homestead Exemption rate 4% which is ONLY for primary residence owners, and 6% for NON-primary residence owners which applies to just about everyone who owns on Kiawah. Don’t be confused it’s not 4% or 6% of the accessed value or purchase price, it’s the rate used in a “formula” the county has devised.     [CLUB DUES – MEMBERSHIP] If you want to own one the two club memberships  (Governor’s Club and Kiawah Island Club [read below]) there are two ways of going about it. One, buy or build a home in one of the new developments because the builders/developers have “built-in” memberships that come with the home sites. Two, buy a home from a seller that already owns one Kiawah club memberships. You are not required to buy the club membership, but you can if the home you are buying already comes with a membership. There is only one private club on the island – Kiawah Island Club, and “the club” is all access to every golf course, including Cassique, all the dining rooms, lounges, kayaks, spas, squash, basketball, and tennis courts and more.


Governor's Club Info

  Golf Memberships

Unlimited Golf, 60 rounds, 30 rounds Golf memberships include rounds specified in the membership plan, unlimited use of the practice range, discounted rates for accompanied guests and all social privileges. Annual fee range: $2510 (30 rounds)- $6100 (unlimited)

Tennis Memberships

Unlimited Family, Unlimited Single, Family 200 hours, Single 100 hours Tennis memberships include unlimited hour or hours specified in the membership plan, discounted rates for accompanied guests and all social privileges. Annual fee range: $1020(Single)- $2790 (Tennis Unlimited Family)

Social Membership

Social memberships include the Governor’s Club 15% off discount at Kiawah Island Golf Resort owned Food and Beverage and retail shops, and treatments at the Sanctuary Spa for you, your spouse and any children under 25. Governor’s Club members are invited to special club events, tournaments and parties. Accompanied guest rates for golf and tennis are discounted based on season and course. Only Governor’s Club members and resort guests have complimentary access to the Night Heron, West Beach and Tennis Club Pools (pool guest fees apply). Annual fee: $1440

Pool-only membership

Pool-only memberships allow access to the Night Heron, West Beach and Tennis Club Pools. Additional fees apply for accompanied guests. No additional discounts or privileges apply. Annual fee: $835
* As of now there are only two developments on Kiawah that have mandatory memberships and those are Cassique & The Settlement.


There are three types of Club memberships you can purchase at closing:



  1. Golf Membership        $135,000 (ONE TIME 80% refundable) – gives you access to all the 5 golf courses without paying greens fees and access to VIP tee times. Required is an $1180 MONTHLY dues as well. Reduced greens fees (currently $77)
  2. Sports Membership    $110,000 (ONE TIME 80% refundable) – gives you access to all the 5 golf courses, tennis courts, squash courts, and basketball courts and has a monthly requirement of $849. Reduced greens fees (currently $77)
  3. Social Membership     $50,000 (80% refundable) – gives access to the spas, events, dining, bars, and more.
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