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Kiawah Island Development Properties Regime HOA Costs & Fees

If you’re thinking about buying a home or villa on Kiawah Island golf resort there are costs that one needs to consider as part of the research process. As an agent in Charleston SC who sells on Kiawah I see all too often visitors to the island that fall in love (trust me I get it), and want to own for themselves but then are taken back by the monthly or quarterly regime dues, yearly POA dues and insurance required to be an owner. Then of course there are club dues that also must be considered. Learn more about return on investment (ROI) vacation rentals. 


Club Information & Sales Data


There is are ANNUAL $2350 POA dues in addition to below:


Duneside Villas

$1250 Monthly

Mariners Watch

 $1450 Quarterly

Sparrow Pond Cottages

$375 Quarterly

Fairway Oaks Villas

$394 Monthly

Windswept Villas

 $1600 Quarterly

Seascape Villas

$800 Quarterly

Shipwatch Villas

$270 Monthly

Turtle Point

$2500 Quarterly

Courtside Villas

$400 Monthly

Park Side Villas 

$1200 Quarterly

Tennis Club Villas 

$750 Quarterly

Sea Forest Villas

$1600 Quarterly


HOA$1075 Quarter

Turtle Cove

$1200 Quarterly

Night Heron Village

$350 Quarterly

Inlet Cove

$200 Monthly


There is a half of 1% of the purchase price due at closing for the Property Owners Association.


So your next question is what does my regimes and POA dues go toward? Good question…


As far as the $2369 yearly dues are concerned there are a couple things that your money goes toward. Ever notice how beautiful the grounds and landscaping is at Kiawah? That’s one. The immaculate cleanliness, phenomenal landscaping, lighting, irrigation, etc that surrounds every inch of Kiawah Island. Two “The Sandcastle Community Center“, community pool, gym, lounge, parks and the the staff that manage it.


As far as the regimes for each “sub development” that is similar but specific to your particular property. Each building, and off shoot development, villa complex, condo community etc has it’s own set of expenses separate from that of the Kiawah Island resort. For example: each building (let’s use Windswept Villas), that set of buildings has its own hazard, wind, & flood insurances that cover everything on the exterior building as well as the common ground. There is also upkeep of the common areas for Windswept Villas {landscaping etc}, and any expenses associated with a pool (if the development has its own private facilities separate that from The Sandcastle). The primary expense is the insurances on the development.

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