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Current Mortgage Rates in Charleston South Carolina | Latest Information on Interest Rates

Current Mortgage Rates in Charleston SC | Home Loan Interest Rates in Charleston SC

Mortgage interest rates fluctuate daily, and often times many times a day so staying on top of the market is key to knowing when to lock in the rates. Mortgage rates in the United States are based around the stock market, economy, and most specifically treasury bonds. The truth is that home loan rates really don’t differ from state to state, city to city, etc for the most part, and how do I know this? I spent over 13 years in the mortgage industry, 7 of which were as founder/CEO of a wholesale mortgage firm here in Mt Pleasant SC and we closed over $85 Million in business. I used to train real estate agents and brokers like myself how to understand mortgages and help their clients find the best loans.

SC mortgage interest rates live. View the latest and most current home loan mortgage interest rates in South Carolina.

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