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Being Good Clients Just As Important

Posted by James Schiller on September 29, 2015
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I know most of you probably feel that as agents we are there to work for you, and I don’t disagree, but with all business being easy to deal with goes both ways and benefits both parties involved. Real estate is no different. You know old saying “Do unto others as you would want done to you”? That’s what buyer and seller clients need to think about while working with their agent, however all too often that is not the case. Many buyers and sellers do not consider that the agent also has a life, a family, OTHER clients than just them, and so on. Recently I received this letter (ABOVE) from a prospect I showed property to: I did not cash this check, but you can bet I will keep in touch with this client because at some point there is a good chance they will likely consider purchasing in the future, and I will go out of MY way to take care of them. Simply because it’s my job, but ALSO because they were SOO considerate as to mail me $100 check and say THANK YOU. As the letter states it’s not customary or necessary for them to do this, and it made my day, but it definitely makes me want to work that much harder for these people than those who think I am there to jump through hoops for them. Furthermore, I have many wonderful clients that have been thoughtful of my time, easy to work with, respectful of my professional advice and thus I make it my point to work that much harder for these types of clients. It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are in, being considerate and kind as the business owner, AS WELL AS the customer is just as important to ensuring you will get the absolute best service and best deal possible. Customers and clients who make sure to be thoughtful and kind to the people they work for without question get a much better experience than those who do not. True story:
I once had people call me to see property last minute (although it's customary to require at least 24 hrs) and I jumped through hoops to get two properties set up then drove over to the first address which was 25 mins away only to have no one there to meet me. This is rare, but it does happen.
As Realtors we understand that not all listings or showings will result in a closed transaction with a nice commission, and the good agents gladly accept this fact. That’s ok, but if you ask a real estate agent to take time out of their life, or their other client’s attention then all we ask is to be courteous, punctual and appreciative. In all kinds of business not just real estate being thankful, understanding and appreciative goes a very long way. The next time your real estate transaction is difficult and not enjoyable you might want to look in the mirror because it is quite possible you were the reason.  
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